Data Warehouse and Visualisation for Air Navigation Service Providers


for Performance and Capacity Management

Powerfull data application for processing, storing, and visualising
All Capacity and Performance Information

CAPMAN is a custom software solution for each single Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), based on Microsoft Power BI / Fabric and Cloud Technologies (Azure), developed by airsecoma GmbH.

It automatically gets and processes all information from EUROCONTROL (traffic, capacity, regulations, flight lists) and prepares and centralizes all the key information related to Performance and Capacity Management (rosters, shift, traffic, capacity, regulations, weather), replacing manual works retrieving data and all Excel Sheets containing weekly / monthly and ”ad-hoc" analyses.

CAPMAN is currently used by Avinor (since 2021) and Skyguide (since 2024) and is a following a collaborative cost-sharing approach among ANSPs: a generic part of the software is commonly shared (e.g. NM traffic), while a specific part is customised to each client (e.g. KPIs, etc.).

Target Groups

  • Control Room Supervisors
  • Flow Management Positions
  • Capacity Managers
  • Manpower Planners
  • Executive Management


Capacity and Performance Management is a function that has for main objective to balance traffic demand with Air Traffic Management (ATM) resources (airspace and manpower).

To fulfil this objective, Capacity and Performance Management relies on several processes requiring the quantitative and qualitative analysis of information (traffic, airspace reservation, etc.), to enable responsible personnel (analysts, planners, Flow Manager Positions - FMPs, supervisors) to take informed decision, such as the planning of sector opening times, rosters and shift plans, as well as ATFCM measures.

Current and increasing complexity in handling capacity and performance management data

While EUROCONTROL and other stakeholders provide more and more accurate predictions (traffic) and other data (military activity, regulations), the amount of information becomes overwhelming and therefore challenging to process and combine. It currently requires several time-consuming manual steps on physical machines and servers, as well as involves multiple teams and technologies.

Also, the means for communication and visualisation of all complex planning information at the different levels (strategic, pre-tactical, post-ops) is currently very limited. Planning information is contained in several different individual local databases, tools or Excel files – and not centralised and combined in one single cost-efficient platform providing the user with an intuitive interactive information visualisation.

Resulting inefficiencies and imbalances

As a result, the planning cannot be easily understood by users and cannot regularly be revised based on newer and more accurate traffic information: an initial plan is developed on a strategic level at D-65 (based on aircraft operators’ flight intention), but not revised nor adapted at D-15 or D-1 (based on more precise traffic and other information) – possibly leading to some sub-optimal utilisation of the available resources. Similarly, it is difficult for most ANSPs to conduct complex analysis, as there is no central data-repository with all planning information supported by advanced modelling and analytical capabilities.

From Traffic Predictions to Sector Opening Schemes to Roster

Find the right balance between demand and capacity requires an in-depth analysis of traffic demand and planned resources. This process is crucial to avoid delays, maximise efficiency while ensuring safety.

Almost all ANSPs in Europe rely on Excel sheets and manual processes for this analysis.


CAPMAN aims to support ANSPs’ Capacity and Performance Management function and involved personnel in their duty by automating the current process, and, more importantly, brings the sector opening time (SOT) and manpower planning process to the next level through a more accurate traffic forecast at both strategic and pre-tactical levels, as well as a central data warehouse for all related data, available to all involved users.

It automatically reads, collects, processes, merges, aggregates information relevant to Capacity and Performance Management and interactively displays dashboards to all involved users in accordance with modern “business intelligence” standards and best-practices.

The solution therefore enhances the current SOT planning process in its entirety (in terms of data, timeline and automation support) in order to provide a better prediction of ATCO staffing requirements leading to optimised use of resources and capacity.

CAPMAN, being developed according to state-of-the-art Microsoft Cloud technologies, will enable a highly flexible and evolutive system to encompass future data sources and/or requirements.


CAPMAN data can be located in your own cloud if required, as well as in a dedicated cloud

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce manual efforts and risk of possible manual errors
  • Improve the planning process and make better decisions
  • Facilitate and control access to planning information to all involved personnel
  • Facilitate the integration of new data sources
  • Reduce future development cost and increase future development speed
  • Maximise scalability of solution
  • Enable synergies and better collaboration with other ANSPs
  • Provides an easy access via standardised interface queries to the data stored in the solution for additional ad-hoc studies