Better Strategic Capacity Planning with

airsecoma Cluster Planner

Multi-day airspace sector configuration optimisation

airsecoma Cluster Planner: Robust Seasonal Schedules made Easy

The software assists capacity planners at a Strategic Level to identify daily traffic patterns, re-construct typical operational schedules while taking the traffic variability.

Managing air-traffic partially consists in the analysis of large quantity of information. An important issue to achieve high operational efficiency resides in the detailled analysis of the traffic-demand to provide the adequate-capacity. With some 25,000 daily flights within europe associated with a high inhomogenous daily and seasonal traffic-variability, the post-analysis and forecasting of the traffic-demand can turn to be very challenging.

To cope with this challenge, specialists try to find daily patterns to re-construct typical traffic days, on which the future resource-planning should be based.

While a more in depth-analysis of the traffic-demand is required to enhance the demand-and-capacity planning, this is limited by the huge amount of information to be manually analysed.

airsecoma Cluster Planner assist users to recognise patterns and valid trends among large quantity of traffic-information. This creative approach consists in the Clustering of Multi-Dimensional Time-Series and can be used to find the best baseline for an efficient planning.