airsecoma GmbH

 airsecoma GmbH develops innovative engineering concepts and solutions for Air Traffic Management. Our main objective is to assist Air-Traffic-Service-Providers by developing specific IT-solutions for controlling and managing their airspace and manpower resources more efficiently.

We develop products to support air traffic flow and capacity management:

  • airsecoma Desktop is a decision aid for FMP and capacity planners to optimise the ATC Configurations. This Software analyses all feasible ATC Configurations to find the most adapted one to the traffic situation and your operational constraints.
  • CMMI exports automatically up-to-date and reusable CFMU information, such as sector entry counts, capacities or flight lists, from a CHMI Terminal.

We perform consulting services in Air Traffic Management, such as Simulations, Studies and Software Development.


  • Air Traffic Management
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Information Technology

airsecoma Founders

Edmond Bouchot: Graduate of the Institute for Aeronautical Engineering of the TU Berlin, he specialised in Operations Research applied to Air-Traffic-Management. In the former Years, he has been involved in the design and development of several IT-Projects involving complex Client/Server Systems and Interfaces. Edmond experience's at Eurocontrol initiated the idea behind the airsecoma Solution. At the airsecoma GmbH, Edmond is in charge of the Customer Relations and Consulting activities.

Olivier Capillon: Graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris, with an additional degree in Operations Research. His past research areas were Dynamic Systems and Behavior Simulation at Thales. Olivier worked for the Telecommunication Industry, where he designed, implemented and optimised algorithms. Olivier is responsible for Research and Development at airsecoma GmbH.

Jerome Rougnon-Glasson: Graduate of the Ecole des Mines and the TU Berlin (Dipl.-Inf.). He is specialist for the design and implementation of Human Machine Interfaces and Software Architecture Concepts. Jerome joined airsecoma GmbH after a former experience as Aeronautical Expert for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is now responsible for Software Development, Quality-Management and Statistical Analysis.