ATCC Operation Analysis

ATCC Operation Analysis

  • Traffic Predictions
  • Resource Planning Simulation
  • Airspace Structure Optimisation
  • Rostering Scenario Development
  • Dashboard and Analytics Development
  • Monthly Review Reports
airsecoma GmbH can perform quantitative analysis of ATCC operations, with a special focus on demand and capacity planning. This enables the assessment of areas of optimisation and the development of new strategies to enhance the efficiency of operations and increase the level of safety. The methodology we developed is based on a detailed analysis of the predicted traffic demand, the regulated traffic, the filed sector opening schemes, the effectively performed sector opening schemes, as well as the available manpower resources (ATCOs) according to their Unit Endorsement Ratings.
airsecoma Desktop Simulations

airsecoma Desktop Simulations

  • Airspace Scenario Evaluations
  • Traffic Impact on Resources Analysis
  • Sector Configuration Definition
  • Future Manpower Requirements Assessment
airsecoma Desktop is the first and only commercial available tool to accurately predict, analyse and understand the impact of current or future airspace sector configurations, traffic demand and sector capacities on the sector opening schemes. In collaboration with our clients, we run simulations using data coming from various sources (historical information, RAMS or TAAM simulated outputs...) to perform specific analysis such as the impact of new working methods (e.g. Multi-Sector-Planning) or a new working environment (Centralised Upper-Airspace-Operations, Temporarily reduced Sector-Capacities due to the introduction of a new system...).
Research and Development

Research and Development

  • Software and Database Integration
  • Optimisation Research and Modeling
  • Software Development
  • Automated Testing Solutions
Our competencies in Applied Mathematics, Information Technologies and Air Traffic Management enable us to provide National Air Traffic Providers and Institutions with Research and Development services. We are specialised in developing and implementing methodologies for modern Air Traffic Management, including Dynamic airspace sectorisation Resource utilisation optimisation Data mining to support traffic flow management Collaborative decision making We propose adaptive solutions, from concept development, rapid prototyping to software implementation and maintenance.